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Fifth Rosalyn Tureck International Bach Competition November 2019, New York City.

November 14, 2017 Tony Yun, TIBC Grand Prize Winner in recital at Steinway Hall@ 7.30
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The Fifth Rosalyn Tureck International Bach Competition is to be held in October 5-8, 2017  in New York City. 


1. The Competition welcomes pianists, aged 8 - 20, from the world over who pursue the musical ideals espoused by the late Rosalyn Tureck.


2. The Competition repertoire consists of categories 1 to 8.

    The complete repertoire is listed in a separate attachment in REPERTOIRE button.

    Categories VII, VIII are open to contestants aged 16-20.


Category I: Short Preludes, Preludes and Fugues, Fantasies ( complete list in REPERTOIRE)

Category II: Inventions, Sinfonias, Duets (select two)

Category III: Well Tempered Clavier (select two from WTC I,II or 

                    one prelude and fugue plus one  prelude and fugue from Mendelssohn op.35

Category IV: Suites, Partitas, French Overture (select one.Repeats are obligatory)

Category V: Various Works (select two from the REPERTOIRE list)

Category VI: Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, Italian Concerto, Sonatas, Toccatas (select two works)

Category VII  Recital Category up to 45 minutes (open to ages 16-20):

                    Bach works, a  transcription of Bach's music, contemporary work, and Mendelssohn Song without words

Category VIII Goldberg Variations (open to contestants aged 16-20). No contemporary work required.


In addition, in appreciation of Rosalyn Tureck's powerful interest in contemporary music,  competitor ( except category VIII) is required to perform a work of 10-minutes or less in duration, composed and published in or after 1950 (referred to further below as "contemporary work").


A competitor may compete in one, two, or three categories. Please use only URTEXT editions.

3. Each contestant is to perform a contemporary work (see paragraph 2); if a contestant competes in more than one category, the same contemporary work may be presented.


4.  During their competition performances contestants may be stopped by the jury.


5. All the repeats in Variations, French Overture, Partitas, and Suites are obligatory.


6. The entire program -- including the contemporary work -- is to be performed from memory.


7.  Contestants should be available and willing to perform earlier or later than their assigned time.


8.  Contestants should be prepared to to perform the same program during the qualifying semi-final as well as final rounds.


9. The names of the finalists will be announced at the conclusion of each qualifying round.


10.  The decisions by the jury are final. Ties among contestants are allowed.


11.  The names of Competition Winners will be announced after the final round.  The prizes -- the Competition Medal, cash awards, and diplomas -- will be awarded at the final Gala concert.


12.  All the winners are required to participate at the Awards Ceremony. Each winner will receive two complimentary tickets to the final Gala winners concert.


13.  Contestants, parents, and teachers are prohibited from a personal contact with judges prior to and during the competition.



Evgeny Kissin Grand Prize Award and Steinway Recital Award

The Kern Foundation "Aspiration" Award

Award for the best performance of a contemporary work

St. Augustine's Foundation Award for the outstanding Juilliard School competitor.

Category 1$250 
Category 2$350 
Category 3$500 
Category 4 

First Place $600
Second Place $500
Third Place $400
Category 5$600 
Category 6$600 
Category 7$1,000 
Category 8$1,500 

Please consult your nearest American Embassy for advice on visas. The Tureck International Bach Competition will send you an official letter of invitation.

Application Deadline - closed

 Applicants, please note if you having difficulties to use the PayPal site, kindly send us a message at

Check/ money order, or PayPal payment will be accepted.

Tureck International Bach Competition

P.O.Box 237099

New York City, New York



Advisory Board

Bella Davidovich 
Rabbi David M. Posner 
Horacio Gutiérrez 
Janina Fialkowska
Andre Michel Schub
Jeffrey Swann
Sharon Isbin
Wu Han
Board of Directors

Golda Vainberg-Tatz, Chair, Founder, Artistic Director
Kati Gleiser, Assistant Director

Val Bukrinski
Thomas Hesse
Damon Denton
Dan Kahn
Guillermo Mena
Martin Labazevich
Catherine Schwartz

Igor Kissin*

*In memoriam